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Annnnnnd We’re Back! 1/2 Off Setups For September, Online Guitar Builders and No More Move

September 13th, 2016 Posted by News 0 comments on “Annnnnnd We’re Back! 1/2 Off Setups For September, Online Guitar Builders and No More Move”

Hi All,

There’s so much going on here at JHG, I can hardly catch my breathe.  Honestly, we’ve been overwhelmed with the response from our latest efforts in our liquidation side of the business. You will find tubes, speakers, cabinets, guitar shells and more at and also at the James Hood Guitar outlets on and Our Pricing cant be beat! With all of the repairs in the shop I haven’t been able to really stop and get you filled in on where we’re at So here are a couple of really great announcements I want you to check out!.

First of all, many of you have been asking what day we are moving to the new location we had picked out a couple weeks back.  That location isn’t going to work out for right now and we do not plan to move until January 2017 at the VERY soonest!  Many of you have been patiently waiting on us to confirm/move/get settled, etc before bringing your projects in again.  We’re stationary for now, so go ahead and stop by with what you’ve got now and anytime! We are still at 4901 El Camino Real in Carlsbad, behind where the old Buffalo Bros. location was in the building with a big chicken on top of the roof.

Second, we’re getting two of our custom guitars back from finish this week!  We’re stoked.  We can’t wait to see them, play them, compare them!  One is a straightforward, modern design electric guitar with double cutaway, a hot single P90 from Porter Pickups, a custom adjustable wraparound bridge, CTS pots and tone cap, Switchcraft jack, custom cut bone string nut, 24 ¾” scale, 22 frets, solid African mahogany body and set neck, rosewood fingerboard, medium jumbo frets polished to deliciousness, and a red hot, candy apple red custom paint job with racing stripes down the middle in metallic silver done by Marty Bell himself!

The other guitar has a twist, and an ode to the surfers of years past and present!.  Standard features similar to its brother above, this model features a vintage P90 by Porter Pickups, a beautiful lake placid blue finish by Marty Bell as well, and an amazing wraparound, adjustable bridge with built-in trem by Schaller introduced just this year!  We built both of these instruments to answer the player’s need of simplicity, dynamic tonal range and a utilitarian neck suitable for many different styles of play.  

But that’s just what we made.  What would you make?

What would you make if you could go to our website in about a week from today and pick out your colors, bridge, pickups and other essentials and customizables and order with the click of a button?  How much, you ask?  Because we got the raw shells for such a low price, we pass $$$$$$$$$$$ savings right on to you.  You get a custom guitar, cut and customized right here in Carlsbad, finished to your specs, with the JHG handmade process from start to finish starting at just $999.  That’s right, that’s almost a 3rd less than even the least expensive custom shops in the US.  We buy right, you save!  Look for the announcement for our guitar customizer launch, and pics of our first two guitars in the next few days!

Finally, since you’ve all been so patient with us in this ‘growth spurt’ phase of JHG; we want to give a little back.  So I’ve decided that between now and the end of September 2016, all of our setups will be half off INCLUDING strings!  Setups are a process of going through a stringed instrument from top to bottom.  We clean them, condition unfinished wood areas, polish frets, clean out and lower string nut slots, adjust neck relief, adjust trem bridge settings (if applicable), adjust string action at the bridge, ensure that all electronics are clean, have continuity and are working to specification (if applicable), ensure that all mechanical elements of the instrument are screwed down tight for no rattle and intonate the instrument so that it is in tune with itself.  After a quick bath in a nice smelling polish, your instrument will never have played this well before!  There’s some exclusions regarding locking systems and advanced designs, but there is still a handsome discount for those as well.  I have John Wallace helping me in the shop now as well to help with turnaround times (about 3 days), but drop your instruments off here as soon as you can.

I want to thank everyone and my family for being apart of this ever evolving journey.  I’m excited for the road ahead! Stay tuned for more announcements coming just as soon as I can stop again!


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