We have worked on well over 10,000 guitars and stringed instruments and know how frustrating it is when our instruments are not working properly. We are here to guide you to the best solution so your guitar will perform, look and sound the way you want it to.

Most guitars and stringed instrument right from the factory will need to be setup to play better for you. ..Did you know that your guitar or stringed instrument could play better than it does right now?


This is how it works:

Step one, Come to the shop so we can inspect your guitar.

Step two, We are going to create a customized work order that addresses your needs.

And three, we’re going to execute that in an affordable way.”


-String replacement

-Clean and condition fret board

-Polish frets

-Adjustment of nut slots

-Adjustment of neck

-Adjustment of saddle height

-Tighten loose hardware

-General cleaning of instrument, not to be confused with detailing.

-String to desired pitch of the customer play and test to make sure the guitar is   working correctly and to the customers desires

Acoustic Guitar setup 6 string and 12 string guitars

Acoustic Bass setup 4 string  and 5 string bass

Electric guitar setup

Electric Bass setup

Mandolin setup

Banjo setup Ukulele setup

Dulcimer Setup

Pickup installation on acoustic and electric guitars

Passive and Active systems


LR Baggs


EMG pickup installations

Installation of Pots and wiring

3 way switch installation

5 way switch installation

Mono ¼ jacks

TRS ¼ jacks

Bone, Tusq, graphtech, fossilized materials

Installation of guitar and other instrument machine heads

Fret dressing and milling

Removal and installation of frets on guitars and most instruments

Remove and reset neck on New and vintage acoustic guitars for better playability and intonation

Want to refinish your guitar? The sky is the limit when it comes to color

We can handle any custom inlay request

We can restore your prized vintage guitar back to its original condition

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