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Fret Services

Fret repairs and replacements on both acoustic and electric guitars can be divided up into 2 broad categories:

Full Fret Replacement (Refret)
Number 2
Leveling, Crowning, And Polishing Frets (Fret Dress)


As you play your guitar the frets will wear out over time, and after having a few fret dresses done your fret height decreases. As your frets lose height this will make your guitar more difficult to play; once you reach this point it’s best to go ahead and have your frets replaced.

A full refret will breathe new life into your guitar and make it feel the way it did when it was brand new. Sometimes the guitar string nut needs to be replaced when you do a refret; however, there are situations where this won’t be necessary.

You should expect to pay between $440 to $600 to have all your frets replaced on your electric or acoustic guitar, depending on the fret material that is used and whether or not the fret board is bound or unbound.

JHG Refret Services


Over time as you play your guitar you will start to develop divots and flat spots in the fret wire; these areas of wear will cause notes on your strings to go sharp or buzz, and you will find yourself frequently retuning in order to compensate for the intonation being off. Most of the time, a fret dress will resolve these issues.

A general fret dress on an acoustic or electric guitar typically runs around $180. How much the frets are worn will determine if fret replacement is needed. Another option that is also dependent on fret divot depth and placement on the fretboard is to do a partial fret replacement.


Questions To Ask Before Repairing Or Replacing Frets:

  • Is a note buzzing when you hit it?
  • Is a note going out of tune when you play it?
  • Is the note losing sustain quickly?
  • Is the “feel” off?
  • Can you see noticeable divots in your frets?
  • Is there a buzzing sound when you use a capo?
A guitar that doesn’t sound quite right or doesn’t fit your needs can be frustrating. We’ll help you figure out the sound and pickup configuration you’re looking for if you don’t already know and make sure it’s done right if you do.

Our promise to you is a reasonable turnaround time, great customer service, and a guitar that plays better than it did when you brought it in.

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