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From simple cosmetic fixes to complete overhauls, JHG has the expertise and experience to restore your antique and vintage instruments and make them beautiful (and playable) again.


It’s well known, but always worth repeating: A proper professional setup on a stringed instrument can take it from unplayable and uninspiring to thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring!

Like other services, there’s a technical part AND an experience part of doing a professional setup that makes the difference. JHG has been doing several setups daily for years; we have the experience to make sure your instrument is playing its absolute best when it leaves our shop.

Pickup Swaps and Electronics Repair

Call on JHG to professionally install your new setup of custom or boutique pickups.

We work quickly and efficiently to make sure your new pickups are installed professionally and cleanly. No solder pie here! Dirty pot? Sticky switch? We use only the finest replacement parts available from companies like Switchcraft, CTS, and Emerson in our electronics repair and upgrade services. Passive? Active? No problem. Bring your electronics repair projects to us for a speedy recovery.

Neck Resets

When the neck angle is too low or high, it’s important to trust your neck reset project with someone who is experienced and qualified to perform the work.

While there are technical standards for resetting an acoustic guitar neck, there is also an art to it, and necessary experience to nail down the ‘feel’ of the instrument to get it playing its best again. JHG has performed countless neck resets leaving customers with a fantastic result in performance and quality of work.

Warranty Repair

Did you know that JHG is Certified for Cf Martin guitar Repair and has been certified by Taylor, Guild, Cordoba, Fender and more for guitar Repair?

These brands recognize our expertise and count on us to be there eyes in the real world to make sure that all of their instruments are playing as promised to their customers! If you have an instrument that might qualify for warranty repair, call us! We’re here to help!

Custom Nut and Saddle Fabrication

JHG is there when it’s time to replace or upgrade string nuts or saddles.

While we always recommend bone for tone, we can fashion saddles out of just about any material you need. We get the deflection perfect to your guitar and elevate its aesthetics and performance!

Amp Repair

JHG started offering amp repair services in 2016 backed by 10 plus years of experience!

We have worked on all major guitar and bass amplifier brands, boutique brands and custom designs. Count on JHG to get your guitar amplifier repair done right!

Fret Services

Fret dressing, refretting, milling, shaping, you name it, we’ve done it.

Our fret services are some of the best in the business and you can count on us when you bring your guitar in for buzz, notes getting choked or intonation issues to get the job done right.

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