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What Is a Guitar Setup?

Whether you have owned your guitar for a number of years or you just purchased one from Reverb, you will need it set up every so often. While most guitars come from the manufacturer with a factory guitar setup, most of the time this does not meet the needs or expectations of the player.

How do you know when your guitar needs a new setup?

  • The action will either be too high (making it difficult to play) or too low (lots of annoying buzzing)
  • The intonation is off, resulting in the guitar sounding out of tune at certain notes or chords
  • You’ve changed string gauges
  • The neck tension changes
  • The weather changes
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A Typical Guitar Setup Looks At The Following Factors:

  • What is the playing style of the owner? Are they heavy handed pickers or light-touch shredders?
  • What is the nut slot height? Is it worn down or too high?
  • What is the saddle height? Is it difficult to play or is it buzzing?
  • Does it stay in tune as you play up the fretboard?
  • Does it buzz at any fret? What if you’re using a capo?
  • Are you using alternate tunings and changing the neck tension frequently?

A guitar that is difficult to play can take much of the joy out of playing music. We understand what players across the spectrum are looking for out of their guitar setup, because we’ve been there too.


Our promise to you is a reasonable turnaround time, great customer service, and a guitar that plays better than it did when you brought it in.

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