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Banjo Repair & Restoration

We have done a lot of banjo Repair & Restoration, seen and worked on a lot of beautiful banjos in the years I was at buffalo brothers guitars. Some were arch tops and some were even fret-less if you can believe it. It was very common however to see 5 string banjos come across my bench. Over the years I have seen the popularity of banjos grow. It has increased across a wide age range with the influence of bands like Mumford & sons and a return to folk roots music. With these changes we have seen a big influx of banjo repair and restoration come into the shop.  Demand for banjo repair and restoration services have increased significantly.  When you get your banjo back after restoration or repair your sure to see and feel the difference! You probably have an old banjo that has been in the family for many years and you don’t know what it is and you want to know more about it. Maybe you are a regular player that is looking for improvements to be made on your banjo collection. What ever the need is we are here to help guide you to a solution that makes the most sense for you. Check out some of our banjo services listed below.

Banjo Setup: (head tuning, neck adjust, nut slots, tension rod adjustment, tail piece and truss rod, clean fret board, polish frets, tuner adjustment)

Banjo Head Replacement: (includes Setup and strings)

Banjo Head Replacement: Calf or Goat skin ( includes break down and reassembly of entire banjo and all major point adjustments)

Complete restoration: Can include refinishing and also vary from instrument to instrument and is determined by customers desires. Shop rate for banjo restoration is $105 per hour. Restoration time can vary depending on the severity of damage caused by rust and weathering.

We are trusted by Deering and Stelling Banjos and have extensive experience working on the following banjos: Gibson, conversion Gibsons, Paramount, Vega, Stelling, Huber and so many more.

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