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How to remove pickups from a parker Fly Guitar

Here is a quick explanation along with a video so you can see how to remove pickups from a Parker guitar. The two outside E string pole pieces are actually screwed into inserts in the pickup rout. First thing you want to do is raise the pole pieces on the pickup, go for the ones in the center so you have something to grab and pull on while you loosen the pickup. Now, Turn the pole piece on the high E string and the Low E string on the pickup counter clockwise until they are loose from the body inserts. give the center poles a tug and the pickup should come right out. Watch the video and you will see exactly how this is done. Keep in mind the variation of how Parker was securing humbucker’s into guitars can vary with different models, some used the A and B string Pole to fasten the pickup but this is how it went on this guitar.