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Guitar Building Masterclass

Southern California Luthier Tucker Bancroft and Master Woodworker Robert Bancroft are heading up the guitar building classes at James Hood Guitar Repair in Escondido California.

Guitar Building & Repair

Come and learn how to Build and Repair Electric and Acoustic guitars in our workshop & classes.

Electric Guitar Building Workshop

Day 1
- Design and plan build, select body shape.
- Neck, fingerboard
- Tool safety overview
- Finish type decision
- Order hardware and parts
Day 2:
-Body routing
-Body shaping
-Final sand to be completed at home
-Route truss-rod slot in neck
-Cut fret slots in fingerboard
-Glue fingerboard
Day 3:
- Shaping headstock
- Shaping neck
- Tuner holes
- Finger board shaping
- Fretting discussion
Day 4:
- Fret work
- Wiring
- Finish (depending on type)
- Extra time to get caught up on any steps to be ready for finish work
Day 5:
- Final assembly
- Set up lesson

Guitar Building Masterclass
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